OPET – 1st European Conference on e-­Public Procurement

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1. Why a Conference on e-public procurement?

More than 17% of European GDP is due to public procurement and hence priority should be given to improve adopted practices and achieve results with the objective of meeting the new challenges of financial stability and sustainable growth of the European Union.
Fortunately, e-public procurement can play a strategic role:

a) to generate public savings through improved sourcing and more effective competition between suppliers;
b) to increase transparency and fair decision making to award public contracts;
c) to help SMEs to participate in public markets;
d) to stimulate innovation and the development of e-marketplaces;
e) to promote a low-carbon society and more sustainable growth.

The European Commission proposed new Directives for Public Procurement on December 2011 introducing mandatory e-public procurement after 2016 (including e-tendering) and the approval of these new Directives is expected before this conference being held in Barcelona.

The dissemination of e-public procurement seems feasible due to the increasing market of eplatforms offering procurement services as SaaS (Software as a Service) supported by more robust and mature ICT and pursuing the “cloud computing” paradigm.

This explains the opportunity to organize, for the first time, a European conference on epublic procurement covering the wide range of problems and of disciplines required to understand and to master e-public procurement.

2. Objectives

The objectives of this 1st European Conference on e-Public Procurement and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms are:

Discussing the implications of the single digital market on public procurement;

Presenting the new advances of e-procurement available through Software as a Service (SaaS);

Discussing the role of e-procurement to improve the management of each

Identifying major macro-economic benefits due to the dissemination of e-public procurement;

Discussing alternative strategies to simplify and to overcome e-procurement obstacles;

Analyzing the new European Directives for e-public procurement;

Presenting e-procurement impacts on innovation and on SMEs access to public markets;

Proposing new initiatives to increase cross-border public procurement;

An exhibition of “best-of-breed” services of e-platforms is open during the whole day

Toni Saraiva – EISC Ltd – Enterprise Europe – WinningTenders.eu‘s insight:

Not sure it is a first as there has been many other conferences on e-procurement before but probably a first for the OPET.

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Draft of EC’s Golden Book of E-Procurement Good Practices is out now!

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DG MARKT of the EC has recently published a draft version of the Golden Book.
It consists of a set of 24 good practices which were derived from analysis of the info that you shared with them.

Recent legislative proposals alone are not a sufficient condition for the successful implementation of e-Procurement in the European Union. A number of non-legislative flanking measures are needed in order to support the Member States in their transition to full e-Procurement in a single market. Any such flanking measures or other future intervention by the Commission should be enhanced by lessons learned from the ‘field’ so it can be relevant and overcome current barriers efficiently and effectively.

E-Procurement good practices are present all over Europe, but are difficult to identify. The e-Procurement Golden Book aims at making them available in a single point of access, helping contracting authorities and economic operators to successfully practice e-Procurement. An advanced draft version is now available online. If you want to get involved in this project then you should really browse eProcGoldenBook blog or follow them on Twitter.
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Is construction ready for electronic procurement? – Daily Commercial News

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Is construction ready for electronic procurement?

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Marchés publics : Bercy publie son guide « 2012 » de la dématérialisation – Commande publique – LeMoniteur.fr

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Le paysage de la dématérialisation a évolué, avec notamment de nouvelles règles en matière de signature électronique. Il était temps pour la Direction des affaires juridiques de Bercy de revisiter

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Conferences – e-Procurement – Public Procurement – Internal Market – European Commission

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During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback and influence the results of the 3 initiatives below:

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Making public sector E-procurement translate across borders

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In Europe the idea of procurement is always mixed with the idea of cross border tendering and how to assist companies from anywhere in the EU bid anywhere else in the EU.

A few months ago a new web portal appeared with the aim to support procurers in their evaluation and acceptance of bids coming from another country than their own.

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E-procurement – or how to save the rainforest and money?

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A green paper was recently issued by the European Commission. An electronic paper and not green but normal plain white in colour, it is not even green in the sense of sustainable but touches upon the idea anyway. The green follows a white paper though and is followed by another green one… enough of trying to confuse you.

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Turning All Clients in Dream Clients

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  • I felt the meeting was very informative as time flew by and the presenters delivered a clear understanding on how tenders work and the exercises had made...

    Nizar Gtari
  • I had attended a previous workshop and found that this was a useful update and lead to a greater understanding of the emphasis the institutions setting...

  • Very informative, interesting and enjoyable

    Matthew Clake
  • Having attended the basic workshop I was very keen on the advanced one. I very much enjoyed the morning and learnt a lot- thank you.

    Simon Wood Power
  • A very useful and interesting few hours! Glad I attended the workshop and would thoroughly recommend it to others. I must
    say that I thought Toni...

  • Nothing but praise – I was unsure what to expect as this was a free workshop but was pleasantly surprised at the quality and content.

  • Very good workshop. Covered a lot of information in the time available. It was interesting to hear how the councils assess applications, the weightings...

    Christine Harris – Mango Data Systems
  • Well presented, with a nice balance between the two presenters, both of whom obviously knew their subject. Very useful.

  • Having been to numerous workshops and presentations in the past, I was really impressed with the content and delivery of this particular event. At three...

    Steve Nicoll
  • I felt that the whole event was well presented and engaging.

    Andy Fairclough
  • Good afternoon,
    As you know I travelled “many miles” but truly felt it was extremely worthwhile. The whole course was engaging , applicable...

    Karen Winrow
  • “Very well structured and informative event. Really useful introduction for those serious about tendering for public sector opportunities.”...

    John White, MD, 4T2 Multimedia
  • Enjoyed the workshop very much and feel much more confident on the subject – thank you.

    Jackie Cotterill-Clark, Mobile Media Ltd
  • I found the course very interesting and helpful in my current role. Particularly how to be precise when planning and writing a tender.

    Sheila Shutler
  • Found the unveiling of the on-line labyrinthine publication of public tenders most informative and helpful!

    Graham Wilson

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