Cost of the Tender Search Service


We can be flexible in our payment plans and costs, please contact us for further information.


1 Year Subscription

In Pounds

In Euros

in U.S. Dollars


Free for 2 weeks Free for 2 weeks Free for 2 weeks

1 to 10 Employees

150 225 250

11 to 50 Employees

250 375 420

51 and 250 Employees

480 700 800

More than 250 Employees

600 900 1000

The cost is based on 1 year’s subscription to the search service

After 1 year the service is renewed for another year if you agree to it by payment of the invoice.

With a year subscription you get:



  • One of our staff to set up a search profile based on what you are interested in and their expertise of doing searches
  • Tender search results emailed to you Daily or Weekly, you decide
  • The tender emails sent to who you want in your organisation, unlimited.
  • The tender emails split into the categories, countries, people you are interested in at no extra cost
  • A small team that you can call upon at any time with your procurement questions
  • You can cancel by giving us 1 month notice at the end of the yearly contract if you do not want to continue with the service into another year (email or letter, we are flexible and make it easy for you)



  • Free access to our tender workshops  (in the UK – South & London only at the moment)

Monthly Plan

You can also pay monthly by standing order (UK companies only) and the cost is as such:

1 to 10 Employees

11 to 50 Employees

51 and more Employees

Monthly cost

£15 £30 £50

With a Monthly plan you can:


  • cancel any time,


    • no need to use the service for a year.
    • You can also do the search for a few months when you know that some tenders will be coming and then stop it for another few months when there is nothing of interest.



    • You can restart at any time as well at no extra cost apart from the monthly payment.

    <strong>You can try our tender search service totally free for 2 weeks, please register below:


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